Spectacular and worldwide unique!

  • up to twelve dancers on twelve high-power wind machines
  • vertical strips of fabric rising up to twelve meters height
  • duration of full show performance: seven to eight minutes
  • as an eyecatcher: without music or with your own music
  • choose from a variety of colors
  • also possible on printed fabric to your specification
  • indoor as well as outdoor possible, also integrable into stages
  • WIND & FIRE: with fire fountains up to four metres height
  • others as improvisation & eye catcher from five to twenty minutes with or without music on your choice

A spectacular show by HELMNOT.

Windriders in new dimensions.
Breathtaking, spectacular – a world first.

Now in XXXL format – 12 × 12 × 12.
Up to twelve dancers on twelve high-power wind machines developed especially for the purpose create an amazing sight with vertical strips of fabric rising to up to twelve metres’ height.
Enormous banners billow upwards in the wind, constantly forming new illusions in new manifestations of beauty – beauty in the air with both poetry and power.

An extremely versatile performance and suitable for a range of events, Windriders can take the form of an eye-catcher at five to twenty minutes, a full performance at seven to eight minutes, individually or as a group of two to twelve Windriders, indoors or outdoors, or integrated into stage shows.

Windriders will amaze your international guests at exclusive gala evenings, or at major sports or public events.

The banners can take a variety of heights. Our banners and costumes are available in a variety of colours, also on printed fabric.

As WIND & FIRE, the performance can combine fire with wind for a spectacular show with fire fountains reaching up to four metres.

An over-dimensioned eye-catcher, an event highlight that can’t be topped.

The Windriders show is ideal for the following areas:

  • Show or eye-catcher
    As an eye-catcher lasting two to twenty minutes, or as a full show of seven to eight minutes, individually or in a group of two to twelve Windriders, length and choreography can be adapted to requirements.
  • Variable banner lengths
    Ideal venue: minimum height ten to fifteen metres; smaller rooms and stages are possible, but with shorter banners.
  • Colours on demand
    This is a variety of banner colours in our repertoire:
    Gold & gold-red or gold-blue or gold-black; silver & silver-red or silver-blue or silver-black; Costumes in repertoire: red, silver-blue or black
    Other colours and printed fabrics to specification also available on request.
  • Versatile venues
    Indoor or open-air, on or in front of stages or integrated into your stage, either in front of the audience or spread around the auditorium.
  • Fast installation and removal assured
    The wind machines are mounted on wheels, and take around two minutes to remove from the venue to free up your stage or area.
  • Music
    Show with your own music, special support – we can compose the musical accompaniment or choreograph the show to your own music.
  • Light and sound
    We use lighting and sound equipment locally available, or you can order this service through us.
  • Fire
    The Windriders show can be combined with fire fountains reaching up to four metres’ height.

Many other show highlights or eye catcher on request.

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