Brand-new: a stunning visual spectacle!

  • a state-of-the-art stage show
  • choreography/show in two larger-than-life picture frames
  • paintings come to live as three-dimensional live-size sculptures
  • a great rave of colors & poetry
  • with a specially created music and innovative light design
  • duration of the show: about 10-12 minutes, repeatedly performable a day
  • other variation: as eye catcher/ improvisation in twelve frames, duration: about 5-30 minutes, repeatedly performable a day

A magnificent homage to the miracle and poetry of the human body.

A unique rave of colors.

Modern body theatre within an extraordinary atmosphere. In two silver-colored picture frames decorated with ornaments, with a height of 3m and 2,50m in width, a living painting awake and reflect poetic pictures as well as colored illusions.
The aesthetic, individuality and genius of our body will be formed into three-dimensional sculptures, coming out of the canvas.
The fascinating movements and images are impressively supported by a specially created music and an innovative, bright light design.
A modern art and theater experience. Innovative and excitingly framed in two classical oversized frames.
The duration of the show is about 10 to 12 minutes and can be performed repeatedly a day.
A production for special events in galleries, museums, fairs, arts and theater festivals, award ceremonies or as an highlight for gala events or lounges.

Other variations:
1) On request the show is also possible with only one silver-coloured frame with two actors.
2) Living frames as eye catcher (5 to 30 min, repeatedly possible) – with up to twelve picture frames.

Additional information
The required (open) space for the show with two frames is:
about 8-9 m in width und 4 m height. A stage is recommended.

Open space for a single frame (or if both are not standing together):
4m in width, 3-4m depth and 4m height.

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