Sparkling, shimmering, fabulous

Star figures larger then life with characteristic faces as well as a huge sun with moon; transform every place to a fairytale land. With five wonderful crafted installations “stars” and the XXL-plastic “sun + moon” with an incredible diameter of 3,50 m.

  • 5 installations “stars” in silver & gold (three of them revolving with integrated motor), external dimension incl. rostrum & half-moons: ca. 4,30 m x 1,30 m x 4,00 m (width x depth x height)
  • 1 installation “sun/moon” (at the front: sun & moon, at the back: sun), external dimension incl. rostrum ca. 4,30 m x 2,30 m x 5,00 m (width x depth x height)
  • all “stars” with integrated LED-lights within the half-moons
  • usable indoor and outdoor
  • can be rent either separately or as a group, even for longer periods

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