In the land of fairytales

From the books of fairytales from the Brothers Grimm, H. Christian Andersen, W. Hauff and 1001 Nights raised life-sized plastics. In the theatre-owned workshops, plastics like Puss in Boots, Mother Hulda, The Bremen Town Musicians, The little Mermaid, The Frog King, Snow With and the seven dwarfs and much else, were manufactures with loving attention to details and handcrafted perfection.
The figures are fabulous eye catchers and usable separately or as a group like a fairytale gallery, as figure exhibition or thematic decoration indoor as well as outdoor.

Additionally we offer you to stage the figures in small sceneries or special backdrops that can be topic-based manufactured.

  • 28 figures, life-sized, 1,10 m to 1,70 m high
  • usable indoor and outdoor
  • can be rent either separately or as a group, even for longer periods
  • installable on rostrums

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